December 2020
One Tight End Brought The Christmas Magic To The Table This Year

The Matt Bushman Foundation, led by BYU Tight End Matt Bushman, continues to give back off the field.

(Utah)​ - The magic of Christmas is something that so many look forward to each and every year. Lights, caroling, delicious food, time with family, laughter. But, for some, that magic is not always present and the holidays may be perceived in a completely different way.

The holidays are a time for giving back and bringing hope into the lives of others around us. Brigham Young University’s Tight End, Matt Bushman​, wanted to contribute back to the community in a big way after a tough year for everyone. The Matt Bushman Foundation was able to do just that by providing a little Christmas magic to a few families who needed it most.

On Christmas Eve, Matt Bushman Foundation, worked hand in hand with a local food bank making sure to provide enough meals to fully feed 16 families. These families received ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls and a bottle of Martinelli’s. The foundation was able to have these items delivered to the Utah Food Bank just in time for Christmas.

​On behalf of the Matt Bushman Foundation, we are happy to have had the opportunity to provide meals to families in need. We hope to continue serving communities the best we can​.” - Matt Bushman

The Matt Bushman Foundation empowers the youth by providing sports opportunities to those who need it most​. This includes but not limited to providing sports equipment, admittance fees and athletic wear. Matt Bushman was fortunate enough to have these opportunities growing up and now through his foundation, he wants to be able to give that same opportunity to the youth.

For more information about the Matt Bushman Foundation or if interested in donating, please visit