Changing the game for youth athletics.
PROVIDING sports opportunities to youth in need.
Now you have the opportunity to empower the youth by supporting the Matt Bushman Foundation where we will continuously work to support the youth athletic community. 
Evening the playing field
by supporting the youth
The dream of starting the Matt Bushman Foundation began in 2017 when Matt Bushman, founder, had a mission to give back to the youth with a desire to participate in sports. ​

Matt always had the means to play whatever sport he wanted because of the hard work of his parents. As he grew older, he noticed that some friends and teammates didn't have the same opportunities to play sports like he did. 

Matt realized that starting a foundation would be the best way to give back and seek to provide youth with opportunities to play the sports they love. 

Whether it is admittance fees, sports equipment, jerseys, or anything sports related, The Matt Bushman Foundation wants to give youth the same opportunities he had growing up. 
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